The Future is Beautiful

Amisha Ghadiali (Left) and Reem AlMealla (Right)

In an intimate and close up conversation, Amisha Ghadiali (the founder of an inspiring and hopeful space called The Future is Beautiful) and Reem explore experiences around privilege, change in this era of pandemics and the need to learn from nature to create a bright future filled with hope. The Future is Beautiful is a platform that hosts episodes in the form of podcasts which shares the vision, brilliance, creativity and stories of people around the world working on creating a beautiful future. It is the collective work of people like yourself (yes, you reading this) that contributes towards creating a better world for the coming generations. Reem’s experience throughout the creation of this episode was very interesting as it was not scripted, there were not questions shared prior to recording. This is what makes it different, Amisha records her episodes through just allowing the conversation to run wild and free, allowing the mind and heart to wander into whatever direction it wants to take, trusting that whatever comes up has come for a reason. Reem says, “I must say I feel very vulnerable and nervous sharing this but also very grateful. I highly recommend exploring the rest of the episodes hosted on this amazing platform! There is so much to think of and reflect on. Thank you Amisha and team for the opportunity – I’m so deeply grateful.” To learn more about this episode or listen to other episodes from The Future is Beautiful, please visit:

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