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Launching of Scientific Stories

I’m so excited to launch my science communication platform titled “Scientific Stories” or “سوالف علمية” (in Arabic) which allows the...


HSE enthusiasts and Reem unfold some of the layers necessary to create a more sustainable & healthy world

The Future is Beautiful

In an intimate conversation, experiences around privilege, change and nature as a teacher is explored.

World Oceans Day

In this era of COVID19, do we as humans have our priorities right? Shedding light on World Oceans Day.

Reem’s Journey: Making it as a Female Scientist in Bahrain

Ever wondered about Reem's journey when it comes to her scientific career and becoming a marine biologist? Read more to find out.

10 Young Bahraini Women You Should Know

In celebration of Bahraini Women's Day, meet this year's list of 10 young Bahraini women you should know.

Opportunity: Volunteer Research Assistant

Reem is seeking volunteers to help in surveying Bahrain's coral reefs! This could be your opportunity to experience scientific field research!

Reem awarded the M.E.I Award

On International Women's Day, Reem was awarded the M.E.I (Motivational. Empowering. Inspirational) Women's Award from the University of Essex (UK).

Bahrain at the Biodiversity Negotiations in Mexico

The clock continues to tick, the world seems to be falling into a deep black hole with the current political state but a little candle of hope remains for biodiversity.

Planting Seeds of Hope

In a country where like many others, environment is on the low spectrum of the agenda and where children grow up disconnected from nature, hope remains.

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