Reem AlMealla is a Bahraini nature lover by default, a marine biologist by profession, a climate advocate by concern and the brain behind bnature.

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Communicating science one piece of information at a time…communicating with children, adults and communities from all walks of life.

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Can coral reefs keep up with sea level rise?  How diverse are coral-Symbiodiniaceae partnerships in different parts of the world?

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Inspire Change

“There is no wealth like knowledge,
and no poverty like ignorance.” ~ 

Informed choices help communities make better decisions while including communities in decision making strengthens the legitimacy of these decisions thereby increasing their success rate. I strongly believe that knowledge is power thus, communicating science is vital in supporting world communities and governments in their path towards sustainability.

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News and Events


HSE enthusiasts and Reem unfold some of the layers necessary to create a more sustainable & healthy world

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The Future is Beautiful

In an intimate conversation, experiences around privilege, change and nature as a teacher is explored.

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World Oceans Day

In this era of COVID19, do we as humans have our priorities right? Shedding light on World Oceans Day.

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Reem’s Journey: Making it as a Female Scientist in Bahrain

Ever wondered about Reem’s journey when it comes to her scientific career and becoming a marine biologist? Read more to find out.

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