10 Young Bahraini Women You Should Know

Photo Source: Majra

In celebration of Bahraini Women’s Day (1st of December 2017), this year Majra (a Bahrain based start-up that is on a mission to reduce youth unemployment in the Kingdom) put together a list of 10 young Bahraini women you should know of. Each of these women are unique in their own way, doing amazing and inspiring work whilst playing a critical role in shaping Bahraini society.

Inspiring Change is thrilled and honoured to have Reem featured in the list of ten young Bahraini women you should know. Take a moment to celebrate these incredible women through reading about them. To learn more about their stories, please visit: https://majra.me/blog-post?post=10_young_bahraini_women_you_should_know_about

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