Launching of Scientific Stories

I’m so excited to launch my science communication platform titled “Scientific Stories” or “سوالف علمية” (in Arabic) which allows the...

Call for women in the environmental field in the Arabian Gulf

Calling my fellow women conservationists and scientists in the Arabian Gulf

Inspiring Change

Hummingbirds are amongst the smallest birds alive but despite their small size, they are the fastest amongst birds and are powerful in unique ways.

Reflections of light

Just before leaving, I looked up at the sky, noticed the clouds passing by carrying the promise of rain, I greeted the sun, the ocean and the mountains.

Project Bahrain Reef Budget

Exciting news! Do you want to know if coral reefs in Bahrain are accreting or eroding? If accreting or eroding, then at what rate per year? What kind of unique genotype does their symbiotic algae possess that enables them to withstand the harsh conditions they live in? Will they be able to adapt to climate change? This is just a glimpse as to some of the questions that we are trying to answer.

Celebrating International Women & Girls in Science Day

Most Bahrainis I’ve met in my lifetime have never met a scientist. This 11th of February 2017, the world is celebrating International Women & Girls in Science Day. This has always hits a spot inside of me, for many reasons - Find out why here.

Bahrain’s Environment Day

Join us on this quick fascinating tour where we list the top 10 things that Bahrain has witnessed within its environmental field in the past one year (2016-2017). We promise you, there will be something new you'll learn and it will blow your mind!

Your Eyes On Sharks

A terrifying number of up to 73 million sharks are killed every year - for a bowl of shark fin soup. What’s more disturbing is that the Arabian Gulf, hosts the fourth largest exporter of shark fins in the world to Hong Kong - the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Youth Participation and the CBD Process

The ‘Earth Summit’, hosted in Rio de Janiero in 1992, witnessed the birth of youth participation in UN fora following...

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