Call for women in the environmental field in the Arabian Gulf

Open Letter to my fellow women conservationists and scientists in the Arabian Gulf,

I have been wanting for the last 5 years to establish a network for women in the Arab world who work in environmental science or in conservation in general. I have attempted at reaching out to multiple entities asking for support along the years across all levels from governmental entities to NGOs including applying for grants such as FRIDA handing in proposals to enable a meeting and funds to establish a decent platform. However, things didn’t fall through and as the years passed I have learnt that the best way to start is just to start in a way that doesn’t have to be perfect.  Hence in this era of COVID19 where the whole world has moved to using online platforms I am inspired to finally make it happen embracing the imperfections.

To start, I have set up a document to enable tracking and finding people across all expertise. In addition, I have created a FB group that for now will remain private to help us build and establish this network in a safe manner. This is a space for us to share opportunities, articles, news in the region related to this field, ask questions and also for us to get to know each other and what is happening in the region: 

I am starting this in the hope that we can build a network that connects us women in this field allowing us to collaborate, share our work, opportunities and support young women entering this sector. Please include women across all environmental sectors from policy, renewable energy, blue economies, ecology, wildlife specialists, molecular ecology etc. If you have any suggestions for this network/group, please feel free to put things forward. If you would like to lead or help manage this network please let me know. Please invite your women friends and colleagues in this field – I look forward to seeing us all grow, flourish and thrive together

In gratitude,

Reem Khalifa AlMealla

Update: I’m so excited and overwhelmed by the positive feedback and outreach received from so many women from across the region. I feel so excited for the future and am thrilled to find all these amazing and inspiring gems! Our region is so rich in its people which makes me so hopeful for the future!

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